Monday, June 27, 2005

Weekend, friends and about some dogs

I had a great weekend!!! I was invited to a wedding and i got to see dearest friends and to have a blast.

I was hosted by the best hosts ever. A i want you to know you are the best host and you are gorgeous. specially when you wear your hair in that retro style. Or always. Thanks so much again!!!

I stayed at Camila's house. Camila is A & M 's mutt. I would post her picture, but i wont, because i dont have one and because she ignored me most of the time, she only paid courtesy atention when their owners were around. She licked my iced coffee and she jumped on my sore knee. It was no accident, she did it on purpose, she saw me limping. She has this air of diva i cant stand much. i can take it only from my cat and i bet my cat would not like camila. My dog would bite her and chase her until she cried. I was sure to let camila know about this when her owners-parents werent around, but she didnt mind, she didnt even turn around to see me.

Ohhh and i found out that Simon (Ava's mutt) is not liked at pet-care, and that he is a bully. One time when they took him to a pic-nic he attacked a Retreiver. Ava heard the dog fight and she was almost crying when she recognized Simon in the fight. J, Ava´s husband, kind of rescued Simon. He is kind of crazy, he does weird stuff. (simon, not J).

I like Simon better now, i even fed him a cookie. It was mine but i shared it with him. I dont love him though... not yet. Or camila.

Friday, June 24, 2005

I Bite

Originally uploaded by abitwicked.

I keep on doing it... do i look mean? how mean?

My knee still hurts, and my back. Im not crying though.

Ava, will you take my bitting pic this weekend? please?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Fall (as in Ive fallen and i cant get up!!)

I fell today. I was jogging in the park and i had 5 more minutes to go before i went home, and then, suddenly it happened.

It was like a scene taken out of the Moronic version of Matrix. I tripped, i flyed for what seemed like 8 minutes, then landed like an airplane, my hip bones and left knee being the brakes. My hands are a bit sore but not really injured. My cell-phone is screwed, my iPod is screwed (both still work, but they look like they got into a fight with a mean panther), My knee is screwed (i swear it has small hole that wont stop bleeding), and my heart and pride are screwed.

I didnt cry. I just sat for a while. Like a small kitten licking its injuries... a lady saw me fall (she saw the whole thing, which im sure was hilarious), and stoped and asked: what happened to you? and i said: i lost my pet ant and i have a better view down here. I should have, but i said: I tripped.

I saw my parents and i felt like a little kid again, who holds the tears untill she sees her mom or dad. I said: I fell. And felt like crying. I didnt though...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

So much time, so few words

I had breakfast with a man today. He is a consultant and he wanted us to have breakfast so he could explain to me his business and how i could use it in mine, and how i could help him reach my clients and so on.

He was very punctual, i wasnt i was 10 minutes late because im lazy and silly. But he was fine with that. We had never met, but didnt have any trouble finding each other in a crowded medium-size restaurant. He is a salesman, and you can tell too. He is around 60 years old and he talks and talks and talks...

Before we got into business, he said a whole bunch of things. But one that struck me was: "i am divorced, after 35 years of marriage she left me. When we were done raising the kids and they got married she finaly called it quits". She said: i guess you are never going to change. And he said: no dear i wont. and I say: My God!!!!

Several thoughts come to my head:

1. It didnt take her 35 years to finaly realize he wasnt going to change. And she wasnt going to either.
2. Why waste a lifetime with a guy you dont approve. Because of the kids? is it fair? (to you, to him, to the kids?)
3. 35 years.... that number makes a lot of noise. 35 years are a lifetime and create a history... its brave to finaly let go. it takes courage to start all over, and after so much time ...
4. and about the title in this post, so much time so few words... how much REAL conversations did this couple REALLY have??? so many years toghether and i could bet they had awful communication.... and because after maintaining 35 years of a life toghether a couple of words end it...(not so many are needed anyway...)
5. how fast can illusion and romance fade? when is it that you decide to go on just because you are there even if you are feeling nothing? how strong is commitment sometimes...

Its easy for me to speak, since im not inside that particular situation. But our intelligence and capability of doing what MUST be done, isnt quite there when you need it actually....

Monday, June 20, 2005

I like you

How do you know someone likes you? (not as a friend but as a guy/girl thing)

I have always been kind of dumb in this matter. I am almost always able to tell my friends when someone likes them, but i have never guessed by myself who likes me, untill someone else tells me and the signals are obvious.

1. Sign number one are the eyes. The bravest tend to keep a certain look, not turning down or elsewhere, but looking straight into your eyes, kind of lifting one eyebrow to make you blush some. The shyest will not keep their eyes on you but will go totaly nervous and blush themselves (specially if you are the one lifting the eyebrow haha)

2. Conversation: asking lots of personal stuff and trying to extend the time they get to talk to you, thats a clear sign i guess.

3. Touch: girls that like boys tend to be touchy... and i guess guys as well...

Cant think of any other... The part of the hunting is great, but im a bit of a moron there though.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher
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I bought one in my trip to Real de Catorce. Dream Catchers are an ancient (native american indians did this) spiritual tool used to help assure good dreams to those that sleep under them. A dream catcher is usually placed over a place you would sleep where the morning light can hit it. As you sleep all dreams from the spirit world have to pass through the dream catcher. Only good dreams can pass through the hole in the center while the bad dreams are caught in the webbing and are destroyed by the morning light.

"...The web catches bad/unimportant dreams and allows the good/important dreams to come through the middle and slide down the feather into the sleeper's head. Bad dreams are malicious in intent, or simply unimportant fleeting images. Bad dreams may be very disturbing, but still have a very important message for the dreamer, so that the dream catcher doesn't necessarily get rid of bad dreams in the sense of nightmares, but bad dreams in the sense of distracting dreams that have no significance or meaning to the dreamer. I have also been told that they were always hung on cradleboards. ...Cary Miller " (found in

Woooow... call me gullible but this really works!!! ive been resting a lot lately and sleeping as much. When i Wake up im relaxed and of course due to this ... in a better mood.

Native American art and crafts in a small town in Central Mexico... go figure huh? but i swear it has been great so far!!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

About the movies...

Ava tagged me so here are my answers:

1. The total number of DVDs, videos, and films I own.

Close to 20

2.The last film I bought.

An art collection including: Los amantes del Circulo Polar, Vatel and La Famiglia

3.The last film I watched

Mar Adentro

4. My favourite five films of all time, ever

Cinema Paradiso, Margot, West Side Story

5. Tag three people and have them blog this.
Paranoid Android because im his fan. And well, i am leaving an open invitation for whoever wants to do this.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Real de Catorce

I went to Real de Catorce this weekend. And i am quite surprised, the place is much better than i had expected.

I live very close to Real, but had never gone before. My parents and a couple of friends said Real was nice and very Mexican but you could come and go on the same day. Then Julia Roberts and Brad Pitt went and made a movie there (The mexican), and after that Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz made another movie after that (The Bandits i guess that is how its called). So this so quiet, so typical "pueblo" became chaos, and i hate chaos when you are not expecting one... so i didnt go at the time.

But now the films are over, and vacation time isnt here just yet, and this city of mine is getting quite boreing and predictible, so i decided to take my chances and go for the weekend, spend saturday night there. And this time my choice was right. No chaos, actually very few turists, most of them european, very few americans and some mexicans.

My italian boyfriend picked me up at 3 and we left at 3.30 almost, with the sun high up and burning. The road trip was alright, thank God for Air Conditioning systems and my Ipod and good conversation.

Real is a small town high up between some mountains, so we had to go up a rocky road, but you know how italians tend to drive..

First thing that impressed me was the 2 km tunel to get actually into Real. I love tunels, and this one is so old and so long... i loved it. Best of all the air in there was cool.

So we cross the tunel and there are a bunch of kids ages 8-12 that ask for money and that lead you into town. (so third worldish i really felt sad, but we needed a guide)

He led us into town and to a hotel. A $13 dollar hotel.. hahahah it was like taken out of a nightmare (later i discovered it could have been a suite for some people, who actually paid $3 dollars, geez). The walls in those rooms were thin like paper and you could hear your neighbors cough or fart, so my friend and i looked at each other and the message was obvious: we have to look for another hotel.

So the kid took us to a more expensive hotel, "with the best view!" my doubt now was... how come this brat didnt take us there since the beginning? so we are walking small rocky streets, up and down, sun up high... lots of horse poop in the streets. We got to the other hotel. the same but with colors... $20 dollars and a view (that i must accept) and THE SHOWER RIGHT UP THE TOILET... no way!!! take us to another hotel, for Christ Sake take us to the most expensive hotel in town!! Where the heck did Julia Roberts sleep?

There were a couple of them, he took us to one which i liked, it was clean, austere but it was like Gorgeous compared to the other hotles. Price: $60. haha DARN BRAT HE SHOULD HAVE TAKEN US THERE SINCE THE BEGINNING. He still got his tip, he walked like twice as much and he was working and well, the little one deserved his tip.

The italian wanted to look at some other hotels, but i guess the rage in my eyes made him change his mind. That and the fact that he was totally tired as well.

So we were already in our nice hotel room and we rested for a while and then decided to go out for a walk. Sun block on.... and a great attitude.

I must accept we didnt match much with the rest of the people there. We werent unique of course, but most tourists there are neo-hippies, with dirty clothes and no time for showers, or haircuts or even hair brushes. We dont fit the neo-hippie look. We both in clean nice desert outfits, both of us four-eyed intellectuals (i am not using the word "geek" to describe myself ok??), both of us with an "im kinda lost here" expression in our faces.

We walked around town for a while, met a group of italians who told us all about peyote and stuff like that. I dont speak italian, so i like understood most of the conversation, but couldnt speak much (or AT ALL) so then again i let the italian know, and we left.

We had dinner in an italian owned restaurant, great food and wine. After that we went looking for something else to do, but the town was death... so we got into a small bar and had a drink or two.

Next day we went to the desert, the trip is fantastic, but we, both intellectuals, forgot our camera so no pics were taken of those landscapes and ruins. The trip to de desert can be made by horse (sore butt.. so no thanx) or by car, that is more like a small truck, one you could have found in world war 1, haha but the trail is quite bumpy so why expose a new car to that?

We came back to town after an hour or so in the desert and in the old train station, my man wanted a sun tan, and he got a bit more than that. and i did as well... sun can be so strong in the desert. So when we came back to town we rested and ate some at a small swiss cafe and watched the tourists pass by.

There are a lot of europeans who have married local girls, so you can see a lot of half european-half mexican kids running around. A lot of older europeans have decided to settle in Real and do business there (restaurants, stores or others). We met a couple of them, and im amazed how they speak Mexican... (i know its spanish, but by mexican i mean, they use the right tones and a lot of special words. its amazing) if you give most of them a bath and a haircut and dress them in suits, you would confuse them with business men, because some of them are quite intelligent.

I definitely have to go back to Real de Catorce.... at least to take some pictures!!!

Thursday, June 09, 2005

How much do you make?

I dont like to be asked how much money i make. I find asking about that a matter of taste and class. Here´s the situation:

I have a friend who is quite concerned about money. She has always been, but now that she is married and has kids, i think she is even more concerned. She is constantly comparing herself and her life (in money matters) to others. She gets quite depressed because she is not able to spend as much money as others and she is always talking about our other friends' husbands and how much money they should be making by now and since she doesnt live in my city and she thinks im pretty well informed, she loves this question: "wicked... are they rich?", "do they have big houses?" etc.

Im single and make whatever ammount of money i make. I guess for most people the money we make will never be enough... because we are human and we are selfish and we have ambitions and we'll always want more. And i really dont need to compare what i make to what others make and get my mind going... id rather have it work and think about other issues, more important or not.... besides, I think that is a way to make you worry because we are competitive by instinct and because life isnt fair sometimes... but we cant question life, only ourselves.. so..

Ok so this girl asks me about the guy im dating. And he is out of the country for a couple of days and she says: oohhh so he will be making even more money, so that is good. Wicked, how much money does A make? Big money huh? huh? HUH?

And i didnt want to be rude so i said: i dont know

and she dares me: so you DONT KNOW how much money YOUR MAN makes?

Darn! i should have said "none of your business" since the beginning!! i answer: i DO know, but i really dont like to talk about money

and she comes back with this one: not if you are talking about BIG money, then you should brag about it (that last part of the sentence i invented... i put words in her mouth, but i know her and haha oh well), and then she says: you have changed, you didnt mind talking about money before...

Darling, i have always minded, but this is the first time i come staight forward and say it. I didnt say it isnt classy and i didnt say other mean stuff because i like you and you are my friend. Perhaps if you werent so pushy or didnt make all this comparisons and blab about so much stupidness i would tell you.. like ive told a couple of people, because to them it was taken as part of the conversation, not as data to be stored to compare in your mind statistics.

By the way, for your brain to work on this one... A makes $..

nah! changed my mind. sorry! not this time! HA!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

The hunter and the collector

I went to the theater last night. The play was called "Defending the cave man", and it was a monologue about the differences between men and women.

He said that the differences are caused by the activities each sex developed in the beginning of times.

Men were hunters, women were collectors, and still are... or at least still behave like that.

Men, like hunters they are, are providers, and protectors... and have a difficult time expressing feelings. They do feel but they dont talk much about that, or pretty much anything else... Their goal is to protect their women and kids and to make sure they provide enough to live and survive. They cant focus on more than one thing at the time. So, if they are watching TV and you talk to them, they take a while to notice you are trying to get their attention. I had seen that with my dad a couple of times... he would be watching a game on tv and mom would call him "honey.. hun... hooneeeeeyyy" and either me or my brothers would have to go and get him out of this tv spell and tell him, while moving him and completely distract him from the tv: "hey dad mom wants you". Another example he used and made me laugh hard cause ive seen that is when a guy is driving and gets lost, after noticeing and after ACCEPTING that he is lost, first thing he will turn off the radio (since he has to focus on his being lost and finding his way).

About women: he said like collectors we are we shop for more than we need, because it can be needed in the future, one never knows. We also collect information from everywhere, and end up having enough material to make our own conclusions and to give it an emotional insight...
We tend to be friendly and to compliment, that is why we expect compliments back. That is why we say to our men: Do i look pretty?

It was like an answer to all the magazines and books that are pro-women and give women advice on how to be pretty and how we are so strong and independent we dont need men and can do on our own. I dont want to be alone, even if im strong and independent. I guess no one wants that. We all need a partner for life.. if he can cope with our goods and bads, and we can cope with theirs ... right?