Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Go figure...

I just saw my ex. And i felt nothing. And i already knew it. i dont have feelings for him anymore, but got me thinking... when we broke up i thought id die. I cried so much and felt misserable. And the breaking up was a good thing, since we had not much in common but having spent an awful ammount of time toghether, shareing absolutely nothing but food and some tv time.

Dont get me wrong. He is a cool guy, not so bad looking (i realized this now, i thought he was the most gorgeous man for many many years, now i just think hes ok), and we get along fine. We are happy to see each other when we get to see each other and that doesnt happen often. I have a boyfriend now and he has a girlfriend. We have taken different ways. And i feel great and i hope he does great in life cause he is nice.

Got me thinking though, how life changes... how different events make a complete different story, how sometimes events in life that seem hard, are actually the best that could have happened. Its all just a matter of time, luck, intelligence and... well... so much involved but one never really notices...

but the point is this: i saw him cause i had an awesome business proposal for him. it was an amazing opportunity. i had a guy who works for me quote, and i thought about my ex since he is jobless... and guess what. I got disapointed, because he seemed shocked and with this look in his eyes of: "ok, sounds great in paper, but how the hell am i gonna make it work?" (panicked)... so bad. I think we are hiring this other guy, who is younger, cuter and with the right attitude...

Good thing: he was nervous around me... which is an ego booster...

Monday, August 22, 2005

Dry brain

I think my brain is drying out. I read my blog and i really want to post something interesting but... i cant think of anything. and i swear my life isnt boring. its just me and my lack of ability to write about it.

I can tell you about my weekend that i did my best to rest (hopefully my eyes will look younger and prettier) and that a shaman gave me a massage with some local rocks and now i have to look for a place to hang like a bat, so my lower back will rest and relax and not bug me anymore...

The days are cloudy, and i love this kind of days in the middle of the summer.

My bf has been gone for 2 weeks now, and there is still one more week to go.

I adopted a 20 year old italian boy (ok he is 21 now), and i discovered id be a riot of a mother... not such a good influence, but i have good knowledge of my culture and are open to learning stuff from others.

I rented a movie for the weekend "les Choristes" and adored the music... i cried some... ive been crying some lately... im becoming quite emotional... i cry and i scream. and i can give the heck of an attitude to assholes, like a dog-looking guy who thought he could be bossy and rude... no, not with me. i can be a sweet heart if you treat me right. At least say "please".. and ill be nice.

Soup of ideas... well at least im back with the posting. Hope my brain recuperates some.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

About AVA (part 2)

  • her mom made her sing Heidi's song (yes heidi from the mountains... she was a fan too i guess). She carried her heidi's LP everywhere... (when she was little this is... now she carries the mp3 in her ipod hahaha)
  • she loves to sing, even if she doesnt sound so good
  • she was quite excited when a friend of us told her:" hey Ava they want you for the musical play... "... she even told her mom i think.. it was a joke.
  • remember the tycoon? she put up with him because he was interesting... i say it was because he bought her bloody maries.
  • she pushed me from the bed one time because i had a cocroach stuck in my shoe. i dont like thos things either but she shouldnt have pushed me... im a smaller person than she is...
  • she ll have chips instead of cookies
  • she knows my secrets
  • my family loves her
  • men go nuts about her. and women when commenting about her will always mention the word "beautiful"
  • she can spend hours with interesting people... and she will find her way out in a second with assholes.
  • she gets all heated up about two subjects, (she will deny both of them but i know better): dating a microscopic guy and having kissed him, and farting in my car after a wedding.. hahaha she did i swear.
  • she rarely wears any makeup
  • she hates her teeth
  • she has complaint about her butt ever since ive known her. your butt is fine ava

this is getting long. so ill stop here. there is still a long way to go, but im tired and i have to maintain the mistery i guess... and i have tons of work to get done. see you next week!!

About AVA

Ava is my best friend. Ive known her for more than 10 years now. We dont live in the same city, but we dont need to. We can talk for hours, or we can be quiet and the silence will be quite comfortable.

I met her when we were studying high school. Im a bit older than her, but for one reason or another i ended up stuck in her class.

Her parents house is two blocks away from my parents', so one day my boyfriend at the time had made me extremely mad and sad and i just needed to talk to someone and i knocked on avas door.

Ever since we have spent a lot of time toghether.
Since i like lists so much i will give you a bunch of relevant info next:
  • She has a brother (one of the hottest guys in town, too bad hes a baby) and a sister (a hottie too, but she loved to harrass my kid brother and now hes married, so there is no way they'll end up together)
  • Her parents jog every day, for hours. her dad used to scare me some, since he is so serious looking, but in her wedding i rediscovered his tender side and he doesnt scare me anymore. her mom looks like jane seymour. i love her.
  • we wouldnt talk on mondays in our way to school, because we both arent either morning or monday people.
  • she always drove trucks. she was a mexican version of daisy duke... ok uncle jessie
  • she can dye her hair any color, she will look awesome. she dyed her hair endless in high school.
  • she used to smoke a lot, it surprised me when she quit, and her will to do it, and her sticking to it.
  • she used to be a gymnast, a good one
  • she could beat people up, i thought... but she hits like a girl
  • i made her fall in love with a guy she had a crush on... just for fun. i would tell her some stories about him and her, and they sounded great like a love story... they went out some after that...
  • she is an artist. has always written like a pro.
  • she is quite intelligent, when she likes the stuff...
  • she cried when she didnt understand math or physics
  • she cries when she gets upset
  • she cries when she is very happy
  • sounds like she cries a lot... huh? she doesnt actually
  • has a very strong personality, but she is one of the few people in life i feel i need to protect
  • she wanted to get married when she was like 21, to a psycho (who i actually like, but not with her), glad she didnt
  • the weirdest things happen to her, like a 40 something brazilian tycoon wanting to convince her to travel the world with him (this happended in a flight when she was supposed to meet me at edimburgh) once again, glad she didnt
  • her advice is important to me, wether i take it or not. its good advice all of the time
  • i have no pictures with her at her wedding... but i can remember she looked extra pretty and the happiest ive seen her
  • she was brave enough to drive all around ireland, and good enough not to complaint about me being chicken and not wanting to drive

this post will be continued ...