Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Dia de Muertos

We dont celebrate Halloween, we have our Dia de Muertos, with a concept of its own. Love the folklore involved, love the colors.

I will share and try to explain some of it. For us mexicans, like Octavio Paz well says: we have no qualms about getting up close and personal with death, we " after it, mock it, court it, hug it, sleep with it; it is our favorite plaything and our most lasting love."

My grandma used to put altars, where she would set the pictures of our death (we didnt have many at the time). And flowers (Xempatzuchitl, yellow mexican flower used specifically in Dia de Muertos) and some food. Now she is old and she only lights a couple of candles to lighten up my grandpa's picture and my grandmothers and grandfathers relatives pictures (which are smaller and older).

I have always been chicken and afraid of every single scary thing... but this day i actually dont fear death or darkness... i respect it, cheer it, and even dare it... like a good mexican that i am.

I love the calacas (skeletons).... i do love them, as scarey as they might look...


Blogger Ailyn said...

that is so way cool. i have always wanted to visit Mexico on Dia de Muertos. Hey, want to get tgoether next year? I could use a tour guide and it would be soooo much fun

11:31 AM  
Blogger aBitWicked said...

You know you are welcome to come anytime... and yes it will definitely be fun.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Mel said...

Ever since watching Assassins (yeah I know!) I've been intrigued. I so want to celebrate this...
Can I come? Please? :)

2:00 PM  
Blogger AVA said...

I love DĂ­a de Muertos, except for the fact that I'm the only person I know that's working today (everybody gets the day off).
I was planning to go to the cementery tonight to take some cool pictures of the altars, and all the cempazĂșchitl, but now I'm leaving to Chihuahua my dear. I'll write you some text messages on the cellphone whenever I get bored, so you better answer them ASAP!!
love ya!

2:13 PM  
Blogger Pablillous said...

ni tan terrible el cuartito

ja ja

2:27 PM  
Blogger AB said...

Death is just another part of life right? But I can't say I don't fear it, because I have three small children to raise alone.

I thaught you did a wicked job of reading my eyes. I was inpressed. I posted what I was feeling. :) AB

2:53 PM  
Blogger aBitWicked said...

Melly dear of course you can come too!!

Ava: yo trabaje tambien!!! to chihuahua? oh dear, send me sms... you always promise but never do... have a good time and eat menonita cheese.

Pabli: que cuartito?

AB: wowwww let me go check!!!

8:23 AM  
Anonymous 'ka said...

oh... i'm another chicken too... the biggest one, maybe :D 'cuz i don't like anything scary at all.. 'n refused to watch/see/experience anything horror....

i just don't see the point why i need to give someone $$ to get scared... :D

11:45 AM  

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