Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Today someone asked me if im happy, and i am! i didnt have to think a lot before answering... im happy. Why? well because of the whole bunch of great things that happen every day.

i wake up not as early as most of my friends, and then if i do its my choice and i use those early hours to jog a bit instead of having to go directly to an office.

i love orange juice, and i can drink a glass of natural, fresh juice every morning.

theres friendly people in my working environment... well... mostly, but the ones who arent know better...

i have good friends, fun friends to talk to and do things with

i can take a nap almost every day

my dog can go up the stairs backwards (a couple of steps only though) hahaha

my cat purrs when i smell her belly and lets me kiss her nose

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

i . . .

Thanx AVA!!

I AM a happy person, a good sister and a good daughter, a loyal friend and a faithful lover. A believer and a fighter.

I WANT everything, to have the chance to do what i dream to do, to always have something to laugh about and close people to share those moments.

I WISH no one had to get sick or that yummy food didnt make you fat or clog your arteries. that my dog and cat could speak sometimes.

I MISS my friends who left for college and then never came back; being a kid who didnt have to worry about anything and whose worst thoughts were related with witches and elves...

I WONDER about the most awkward things in the world... (how would someone ever discover hair would this look like if..., if i had lived in iceland long ago.... stuff like that)

I REGRET calling names a girl in elementary.. i shouldnt have because i actually liked her. i regret not paying enough atention to a dog i used to have... she needed so much more and she was such a sweetheart. Then again i learned from these.

I AM NOT selfish, a loner, mean to people.

I DANCE and i dont care. For as long as im concerned i dance like i knew how to..

I AM NOT ALWAYS in a good mood, lately i havent been so patient with people that are not tolerant to others and I just have to let them know how stupid i think they are.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS touch the ones i love. i cant cook, then ive never even tried to.

I WRITE but its not one of my strenghts... i prefer to talk and i CAN talk

I CONFUSE parsley with coriander... left and right (thats really bad, but i do)

I NEED a new car, but im not buying one;

I SHOULD call my grandma more often, call some friends i havent talked to in a while, start a new business.

I START new projects... new goals keep me alive and going. Not so many because then i might get all stressed out and then its not fun anymore.

I FINISH but i like to leave the doors open from time to time, ... who knows what will happen or how youll feel later on... i think real ends in life are scarce.

I TAG whomever reads me... after my long absence i might be out of readers :(